Majorca is a breathtakingly beautiful island and thanks to this, we enjoy the most exceptional sunsets in the world, unbeatable sunny days, blue skies, crystalline waters, Mediterranean breezes and endless spectacular details that make ‘Sa Roqueta’ a paradise for those who appreciate what is priceless. Mhares forms a part of this paradise and is fully aware of its value.

Respect for the natural environment and all the flora and fauna which inhabit it, is essential to maintain the well-being, tranquillity and balance which is what you breathe in your Majorcan oasis.

The coastal zone where Mhares is located comprises part of the Marine Reserve in the Bay of Palma, created by the Inter-Island General Council in 1982. The Reserve has two ecosystems that are characteristic of the Mediterranean coast seabed: the prairies of Posidonia Oceanica (Seagrass) and the sandy bottoms with their typical wildlife.

The hours of sunshine and the essential moment when the sun sets are the source of the life and relaxation which govern the lifestyle in Mhares. We follow the natural daily activities of the birds which nest in the area, respecting the silence and the calm which they need to rest and they make us feel very fortunate to enjoy their singing, their soaring flights and beautiful aerial acrobatics during the day.

In Majorca, as well as in the world, it is vitally important to preserve, maintain and restore diversity as well as a sufficiently large area for the habit of these native bird species. Mhares is located in one of these zones, today classified as a Special Protection Zone for Marine Birds (ZEPA); for this reason, at Mhares we show our respect, continually aware of the daily life cycle of the birds that inhabit our environment.

The beauty of the rocks, their steep points and deep gaps provide fascinating glimpses from the highest vantage points of the infinite tones of the sea which harmoniously combine with the smooth earthy colours of stone.

Everything as a whole is truly an exceptional paradise.

Enjoy the environment

Nature provides us with amazing sunsets, beautiful bird songs, the fresh sea breeze, along with unlimited beautiful pleasures, which you can personally feel in Mhares.

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